600grams Toast Bread Production Line Industrial Use

From dough mixing to finished product toast bread packaging, the entire process is automated. If you want to know more, please contact email lisa@machinehall.com.


The toast bread production line can produce high quality toast breads, each bread weighs 600 grams, and we can customize the bread size according to customers’ needs.

This production line has a large production capacity, which can produce 6,000 kilograms of toast a day, meeting the requirements of large and medium scale food processing manufacturers.

Toast Bread Line

Features of Industrial Toast Production Line

1. The dough through the three rolling devices to make the dough more shiny, the thickness is consistent, and the size of the finished product is uniform. The electric eye senses the dough sheet between each dough rolling device.
2. Adjustable roller speed. After the last pressing, the dough will fall on the conveyor belt of the main machine, and the dough will be rolled into strips by the rolling wheel.
3. It can be equipped with an independent servo cutting table to cut the product into slices and columns. We can adjust the length and the weight of the cut product. It can also be used with a mixer machine to knead the product into a round or oblate shape.
4. The whole toast bread production line has the function of synchronous speed regulation, which is more convenient to operate.

Bread Production Line Process

Advantages of Toast Bread Processing Line

1. The frame is made of stainless steel material by laser welding, clean and beautiful, stable and durable.
2. Using PLC control system, double servo operation, German original SICK photoelectric induction, the maximum running speed can reach 200 per minute, stable and efficient.
3. The control system has its own memory function, which can be used directly when it is produced, which is convenient and quick.
4. The factory provides complete bread processing solutions and bread packaging line solutions.

Provide Professional Services

According to the needs of each customer, our company tailor-made professional production line planning and design, according to bread projects, production methods, expected output, site conditions and other information, planning site moving lines and equipment recommendations for you.

Assist customers to improve production line machines to increase production capacity, make product quality more stable, and maximize production benefits. Whether you are building a new bread line or bakery or improving the entire bakery line, our company can assist you in optimizing the rebuild, allowing you to save manpower and efficiently achieve mass production goals.

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