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A trustworthy bakery food processing production solutions provider.

Your Dedicated Baking Solutions Expert

Industrialized bakery equipment is one of the core business in our company, the main products are automatic mold cake production line, automatic cutting cake production line, bread production line and customized production lines for special baking products. Provide automatic and personalized production solutions for global baking food enterprises.

Insist on customer - centered

Pay attention to reducing customer costs, improve overall work efficiency, as well as food safety production and occupational health.

Insist on sustainable development

Together with customers and partners, we continuously improve technology, improve resource utilization, and improve the ecological environment.

Insist on technological innovation

Accumulated a large number of core and key technologies with competitive advantages to help customers achieve sustainable growth.

Insist on high quality of machine

All parts of the machine are all well-known brands (Siemens, Schneider, etc.), which is sturdy and durable. Able to ensure that the machine will last longer.

Get Best Offers On Bakery Solutions!

Factory Display

Factory Picture

Machine Test

Check the Performance of Machine

Factory Pictures

Laser Cutting

Preparation for Machine

Bakery Machinery Factory

Remote Control Device

Lifting and Transferring Machine

Quality Product - Bakery Processing Machine

We can customize exclusive solutions according to your factory area, finished products, budget, as well as the voltage and material requirements of the machine.

The parts of the machine are made of well-known brands, and the parts in contact with food are made of stainless steel, which is safe and hygienic.

If there are any non-human factors in the machine, our engineers will give solutions within 24 hours.

Worldwide Shipping

We support shipping, air, land and other transportation methods to transport your products to the nearest port.

High Quality

Well-known brand components at home and abroad, advanced technical support, strong and sturdy.

Satisfied Price

The factory directly produces and sells the baking processing equipment, and the price is more affordable.

Safe Operation

Equipped with alarm device. For baking oven, the compartment has thickened thermal insulation cotton to prevent burns.

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