32 Plates Industrial Bread Rotary Oven For Sale

①Optional heating method: electric heating, gas heating, diesel heating
②Control methods include: traditional instrument control, intelligent PLC touch screen control, dual-mode control, etc.


Industrial bread rotary oven is a baking equipment for cookies, breads, cakes, moon cakes, pastries and other foods. It has 32 pieces of baking plates for easy use.

The machine has three optional heating methods: electric heating, gas heating, diesel. This machine is economical and affordable, and the products for sale to all over the world.

Rotary Oven For Sale

Features of Commercial Rotary Oven

  • The machine’s baking temperature can be adjusted from room temperature to 300℃.
  • The inner tank and shell of the rotary ovens are made of stainless steel, which is clean and hygienic.
  • The sealing performance of the rotary bread oven equipment is good and the heat loss is reduced.
  • The hot air circulation heating method is adopted, with high thermal efficiency, so that the bread is evenly heated during the baking process.
  • The bread oven is equipped with a lighting system, and the baking process of the bread can be clearly observed through the glass oven door.
  • The movement speed of the baking plate is displayed digitally, which can be adjusted at will according to the needs. It is easy to operate and the movement direction can be changed arbitrarily.
  • The water spray humidification device ensures that the temperature in the oven is the same as the standard temperature of the food.

Rotary Baking Oven Application

The hot air rotary oven is an ideal baking equipment for baking toast, French bread, Danish bread, hamburgers, shortcakes, and various desserts, biscuits and other products. It is your right-hand man in the baking business.

Video of Industrial Bread Oven

Why Choose Us – Rotary Oven Manufacturer

①It is a manufacturer specializing in the production of baking machinery, cake equipment, bread equipment, industrial bread rotary oven.
②With more than ten years of production experience, the equipment produced is widely used in various food factories at home and abroad.
③Ourcompany gathers outstanding scientific and technological talents, and takes the market as the guide to continuously upgrade the products.
④The company has a complete service system. With the continuous updating of product technology, it provides users with reliable product upgrade services, provides installation and debugging guidance for products, and provides process formulas.

Technical Parameter

Model GG116G GG132G
Voltage 380V 380V
Power 3.1KW 3.1KW
Thermal Power >7.5KW >7.5KW
Temperature Range 0-300℃ 0-300℃
Number of Plates 16 Pieces 32 Pieces
Dimensions 1660*2560*2450MM 1660*2560*2450MM
Trolley Frame Size 1750*500*800MM 1750*500*800MM
Total Weight 2000KG 2000KG
Combustion Medium Gas Gas

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