Automatic Bread Making Production Line High Productivity


The bread production line developed by the factory not only has a high productivity, but also has a wide range of applications, suitable for the production of different styles of breads.

In addition to making regular bread, our factory also supports customization services, providing different bread solutions according to customers’ requirements.

Bread Production Line

Automatic Bread Production Process:

Mixing — mixing of raw materials;
Dividing the dough — precise grouping to control individual differences;
Preliminary shaping — easy for subsequent operations;
Final shape — determines the final shape of the bread;
Fermentation — precise temperature control and humidity control can make the dough reach the ideal fermentation state;
Baking — precise temperature control to make the dough bake evenly;
Cooling — quick cooling to preserve the perfect baked condition;
Sorting and packaging — fast, safe and hygienic packaging to deliver the most perfect products to customers.

Advantages of Bread Making Production Line

1. High Yield:
The machine can work continuously and uninterruptedly, which greatly improves the production efficiency.
2. Small Footprint:
Compared with general equipment, the production line occupies a smaller area, which can help manufacturers reduce the rent of the workshop.
3. Stricter Quality Control:
Automatic bread making machine ensure product consistency and reduce rejects, further increasing throughput.
4. Improve Food Safety:
Full automation reduces human-caused food safety risks by reducing staff to a minimum.
5. Reduce Labor Costs:
This high productivity bread machine can reduce the employment of personnel and reduce labor costs.
6. Baker’s Health:
This bread making machine line can reduce many heavy and repetitive operations, reduce dust inhalation and physical damage to the human body.

The bread line is the main equipment of our company and we already have dozens of bread processing solutions. Aims to provide users with satisfactory equipment. If you are interested in this machine, please contact us.

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