SUS Industrial Bakery Tunnel Oven for Bread Production

It is a large-scale baking equipment with the characteristics of high degree of automation, high efficiency and wide baking range.


Bakery Tunnel Oven Description

Tunnel oven is a large-scale baking equipment, which can bake bread, cupcakes, moon cakes, biscuits and other products, with electric heating and gas heating options.

The equipment can be operated with the production line, which is saving manpower and material resources, and improving the efficiency and output of bread production.

Commercial Bread Tunnel Oven

Performance of Bread Tunnel Oven

1. The baking oven has a precise temperature control system, the flame is uniform, and the color of the baked products is uniform.
2. Stainless steel shell, the furnace is food-grade aluminized plate, and the profiles are all national standard, which are sturdy and durable, and meet the requirements of food hygiene.
3. The industrial bakery tunnel oven adopts high-quality electrical components to ensure stable performance, reliable quality and low failure rate.
4. The baking temperature, time, etc. of automatic oven can be adjusted according to different baking products.
5. Wide range of baking, the equipment is suitable for baking moon cakes, bread, muffin cakes, toast, biscuits and other foods.

Bread Baking Oven

6. The bread tunnel oven adopts high-quality and thick insulation material to reduce heat loss and energy consumption.
7. Equipped with protection devices such as ultra-low pressure protection, automatic detection system for excessive concentration, and automatic detection system for flameout, which is safer to use.
8. The bread oven can be equipped with an intelligent man-machine system touch screen, which is intuitive and simple to operate.
9. The most reasonable way to reduce the furnace space is to ensure the heating speed during baking and reduce heat loss.
10. The independent temperature zone and speed control of the oven can be freely adjusted according to the output requirements.

The Device of The Tunnel Oven For Bread

1. Intelligent operating system to prevent misoperation.
2. Automatic detection, fault alarm device.
3. Gas pipeline, multiple safety protection.
4. Flameout detection, automatic processing.
5. The furnace is forced to draw the air supply system before ignition.
6. Anti-temper control

Technical Parameter

Dimensions(L*W*H) 21000*2280*2180MM
Total calories 224280Caloric(kcal/h)
Air consumption(Gas consumption) 0.9m³/m
Power 2HP
Voltage 380V
Size of baking pan 40*60CM


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