Stainless Steel Spiral Cooling Tower for Bakery Business

① used for cooling of various bakery food and fried foods.
② and can be cooled naturally and forcedly.
③ reducing the floor space.


Stainless steel spiral cooling tower is one of the indispensable equipment in the baking industry, with the functions of natural cooling and forced cooling. High efficiency, suitable for large bakery factories.

The cooling tower is a cooling equipment developed with modular mesh belt conveying technology, water is used as circulating coolant, and it is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel. The main components are: chain plate conveyor, circulating water system, external turbine, motor, cooling tower fan, shock-proof system, etc.

Spiral Cooling Tower

Spiral Cooling Tower Application

This machine is mainly used in the bakery industry, and can be used as cooling equipment for bread, cakes, hamburgers, toast, buns and other products. This cooling equipments are used in bakeries, baked goods factories, food processing plants and other fields.

Bakery Cooling Machine

Features of Bakery Spiral Cooling Tower

1. It has the characteristics of space saving, simple operation, convenient maintenance, stable and durable performance, not easy to damage.
2. The bakery cooling tower is mainly used in the food industry, and can be used as the cooling of bread, food and materials.
3. It is easy to disassemble and assemble, even if the factory is moved, the food spiral cooling tower can be easily moved.
4. Using 304 stainless steel to meet the safety and hygiene requirements of the food industry. It is the preferred equipment for the delayed conveying function of automated production lines in the food industry.
5. In terms of operation design, the spiral cooling conveyor makes full use of the return water pressure of the circulating water system to convert it into mechanical energy, thereby reducing the user’s energy consumption.

Cooling Tower Manufacturer

Working Principle

The bakery spiral cooling tower is driven layer by layer, conveying products, and the gear motor provides power to drive a main shaft to drive the gears on each layer, and the gears move the mesh belts on each layer to move. Each gear has an intelligent power transmitter that automatically adjusts the transmission force.

The Role of Baking Spiral Cooling Tower

1. Cooling: The spiral cooling equipment is suitable for the cooling of various baked goods and fried foods, and can be cooled naturally and forcedly.
2. Proofing: Can be connected to the production line to greatly improve the production efficiency for the user’s baking product production, and the entire proofing process can be realized unmanned production through the monitoring system.

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