Continuous Gas Oven for Cake Baking with Chain Plate

Dimensions(L*W*H) 21000*2280*2180MM
Heating Methods Gas/Electric
Voltage 380V
Size of Baking Plate 40*60CM

The gas oven is suitable for cake baking, it adopts chain plate structure, can achieve cake’s continuous production and working efficiency is high.

The factory has developed different types of ovens according to different materials, such as chain plate type, mesh belt type, steel belt type, etc. The heating method is also divided into three types: gas type, electric type and fuel type.


1. The size of the oven can be customized according to the customer’s needs in terms of length and width.
2. Through the PLC intelligent control system, the intelligent control of the distribution mode is implemented.
3. The length of the gas oven body of the oven is 4m-80m, and the width of the inner chamber is 600mm-2400mm.
4. The relative motion of the cake is produced between the conveying chain plate and the heating element or the direct-fired burning rod, so as to complete the continuous and uniform baking and conveying work.
5. The upper and lower temperature zones are controlled separately in the tunnel furnace to meet the requirements of food heating on the surface and bottom.
6. The cake oven machine has the characteristics of continuous production, high production efficiency, labor saving and stable processing quality.

Working Video

Machine Function of Cake Baking Oven

1. Transmission System
①Using self-lubricating conveyor chain, low noise, wear resistance, high temperature resistance of 400 degrees.
②According to the customer’s baking requirements, choose a reasonable baking range, time and temperature.
③The conveyor chain is equipped with automatic tensioning devices on both sides of the inlet to adjust the tension of the chain.

2. Security System
①The gas low-pressure protection switch plays the role of gas low-pressure interlock protection. First, it ensures the minimum pressure requirement for combustion start, and fully mixes combustion under the state of air and gas pressure. Secondly, it ensures that the gas pressure is too low during operation to prevent the occurrence of flashback accidents.
②Through the main solenoid valve, the special solenoid valve for diaphragm type gas is guaranteed to realize double protection of the main pipeline and control the on-off of the main gas pipeline. When an abnormal situation occurs, the gas can be cut off within 1 second.
③ Through the gas high pressure protection switch, the gas high pressure and interlocking control protection can prevent the phenomenon of combustion and fire off when the gas pressure is too high, thereby ensuring the prevention of fire off and flameout.
④The high-voltage igniter has a single fire extinguishing alarm independent processing system, and cooperates with the PLC control system to realize the combustion safety monitoring of the whole machine.

The continuous gas oven also has a combustion guarantee system, a temperature control system, a thermal circulating air system, etc. to ensure the safe production of the equipment. If you want to use this oven for baking cakes, please send us your requirement for quotation.

Technical Parameter

Dimensions(L*W*H) 21000*2280*2180MM
Total Calories 224280Caloric(kcal/h)
Air Consumption(Gas Consumption) 0.9m³/m
Power 2HP
Voltage 380V
Size of Baking Plate 40*60CM

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