220V Muffin Cake Depositor Machine without Defoaming

①Accurate quantification, small error
②No defoaming
③Wide range of applications


The muffin cake depositor machine is an automatic, high quality and versatile cake batter filling machine. Suitable for puffs, muffins, chiffon cakes, cupcakes, sponge cakes, cream cakes and more.

Cake Depositor Machine

Features of Automatic Cake Depositor

1. This machine adopts computer intelligent programming control system, which makes the machine operation more convenient.
2. The lifting mechanism of the cake depositing machine adopts high-precision linear slide rail, which has a solid structure and stable operation.
3. The structure is compact and the functions are complete. It adopts cylinder power and is equipped with photoelectric tracking.
4. The hopper, drum and feed nozzle of the muffin cake depositor machine are easy to install and remove.
5. The filling amount of each cake is about 30 grams, and the error is small, about 0.5 grams.
6. Commercial muffin depositor can use fixed filling and mobile filling to produce diversified bakery products.

Advantages of Muffin Depositing Machine

1. The filling machine can memorize a variety of products and filling methods, and is easy to operate.
2. This cake depositor machine uses cam design ensures accurate filling of cake batter.
3. This machine uses advanced technology and is mainly used to produce chiffon cakes, mousse cakes, cup cakes, model cakes, puffs, etc.
4. Stainless steel 304 material, clean and safe, easy to maintain. The extruder gear for the filling section uses a non-stick die.
5. Muffin cake depositor machine uses silicone round gears, the roasting wheel can move up and down, reducing wire drawing and without defoaming.
6. Greatly improve production efficiency, one-time grouting design, complete one or more rows.

Technical Parameter

Model GGT5040 GGT5072 GGT5100
Voltage 380V/220V  50Hz 380V/220V  50Hz 380V/220V  50Hz
Power 1.2Kw 1.2Kw 1.2KW
Width of Baking Plate 400mm 600-720mm 800-1000mm
Tank Volume 25L 32L 38L
Filling Speed 1.8 seconds/row 1.8 seconds/row 1.8 seconds/row
Dimensions(L*W*H) 1560*1280*1650mm 1560*1560*1650mm 1860*1800*1650mm
Weight 128Kg 138Kg 158Kg

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