Portuguese Cantonese Egg Tart Shell Forming Machine Price

Widely used in large bakeries, coffee shops, western restaurants and so on. Can produce different egg tarts, such as Portuguese egg tarts, Cantonese egg tarts, etc.


The Portuguese Cantonese egg tart forming machine is made of stainless steel and is specially used for processing large capacity egg tart shells, it has different models and price.

It can be used to produce Portuguese egg tarts, Cantonese egg tarts, coconut tarts, fruit egg tarts, cheese egg tarts, etc. And there are many special egg tarts can be customized.

Egg Tart Shell Forming Machine

Advantages of Portuguese Egg Tart Forming Machine

  • Stable performance, easy operation, large capacity, one hour output can replace the work of multiple equipments.
  • By changing molds of different sizes, this machine can make tarts of various sizes.
  • Imitation hand-made, the egg tarts produced have good texture, sweet smell and delicious taste.
  • Egg tart machines are very popular in bakeries, fast food restaurants, egg tart shops, shopping malls, etc.
  • The forming machine is small and flexible and requires low energy consumption.

Tart Shell Machine Price

Features of Cantonese Egg Tart Machine

  1. The motor speed of the egg tart machine is adjustable, which means the production speed is adjustable.
  2. The upper mold is equipped with a heating tube, which can ensure the rapid forming of the egg tart.
  3. Adopt PLC control, high efficiency, this machine’s capacity is 1500~1800 pieces per hour.
  4. The forming machine is made of stainless steel, which is simple to operate and easy to clean.
  5. Portuguese egg tart forming machine is stable performance, compact structure and long service life.

Working Process of Tart Shell Forming Machine

Application of Portuguese Cantonese Egg Tart Forming Machine

It is widely used in home and commercial industries, especially in bakeries, schools, hotels, fast food restaurants, western restaurants, tea restaurants, etc. The market prospect is very good, and it is welcomed by people of all ages. If you are considering investing, try the egg tart business.

Technical Parameter

Model GGA303-1
Capacity 1500-1800PCS/H
Voltage 220V,50hz
Diameter of Tart 40-90mm
Size 840*800*1300mm
Weight 130kg


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