Gas Electric Biscuit Baking Tunnel Oven For Sale 380V


Biscuit baking tunnel oven can be divided into electric type and gas type according to demand, which can be used to bake various biscuits, bread, moon cakes, cakes and other products.

This industrial tunnel oven adopts the international general furnace body structure and design, the furnace chamber size is reasonable, the temperature control range is 0-250 ℃, and the baking time is set to 8-80 minutes.

Tunnel Oven Machine

Features of Biscuit Baking Tunnel Oven

  1. Differences in heating methods: the electric type baking oven has the advantage due to its low price, reliable performance, convenient operation, low maintenance cost, uniform baking effect, and fast coloring of baked products; the gas type tunnel oven has the advantages of low energy consumption, reliable operation and convenient use, significant savings in production costs, less power consumption and other advantages.
  2. Tunnel oven’s reliable spare parts: The gas and electrical safety control parts use spare parts from internationally renowned brands, such as: Honeywell, Fisher, Mitsubishi, Omron, etc.
  3. Reasonable structure and pipeline arrangement, strict testing and testing, to ensure the stability of the heating state of the industrial tunnel oven.
  4. This tunnel oven adopting elastic and sturdy furnace structure, good heat preservation, scientific arrangement of fire pipes, PID temperature control module to accurately control temperature, based on continuous improvement of test data of gas tunnel oven, efficient and uniform heat distribution in the furnace, which can ensure food consistency of baking.
  5. The biscuit bsking tunnel oven is equipped with an air pressure detection device; a gas leakage detection alarm and control system; an anti-backfire device.

 Video of Electric Tunnel Oven

Precautions for Operating the Baking Oven

A. The tunnel oven is only suitable for baking in food processing. If it is used for the processing of other products, please consult the equipment manufacturer in advance to prevent accidents.
B. The tunnel oven equipment should be placed in a place where the air can flow, and it is not suitable to be placed in a confined space.
C. This machine belongs to baking equipment. There will be high temperature positions in the air ducts at both ends and the smoke exhaust port. When using it, you should pay attention to preventing scalding.
D. The matching and program settings of the whole biscuit tunnel oven have been scientifically tested and calculated. If the main configuration or program of the equipment needs to be changed, it will cause hidden safety hazards or functional problems in the use of the equipment.
E. The height of the baking equipment platform of this biscuit oven is 1600mm. If you need to perform operations on the top of the furnace body, please take safety protection measures in advance to prevent falling.
F. When the baking tunnel oven is not in use, please do maintenance in advance, carefully check the parts that are fastened and need to be lubricated, and take measures such as moisture-proof and waterproof for electrical components.

Wide Range of Applications

This baking oven can be applied to bread, cakes, moon cakes, cookies, biscuits, meat products, nuts, vegetables, medicinal materials, etc.

Technical Parameter

Dimensions(L*W*H) 21000*2280*2180MM
Total calories 224280Caloric(kcal/h)
Air consumption(Gas consumption) 0.9m³/m
Power 2HP
Voltage 380V
Size of baking pan 40*60CM

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