Commercial Rotary Rack Oven for Cake Bakery


Rotary Rack Oven Applications:

This cake oven is suitable for even and good baking of various pasta products such as cakes, bread, biscuits, moon cakes, peach crisps, etc. Popular with small and medium-sized bakery businesses, it is most suitable for producing a wide variety of bread and cake shops.

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Performance Characteristics:

  • The rotary cake oven has an independent oven rack, which is easy to push and pull, and is made of stainless steel, which is easy to clean.
  • With a heat-reflecting glass one-piece door, the baking effect of the product can be seen from the lighting element outside the main heating area.
  • The body of the commercial rotary rack oven has a graphic sign with an electronic digital display.
  • The cake oven heats the product evenly. The main components are the burner, exhaust fan, controller and swivel base.
  • Thick insulation keeps heat where it should be inside the oven and prohibits heat transfer to the working environment.

How to Bake Cakes and Cookies


How to Use for Rotary Rack Oven

  1. Preparation before operation: ①Confirm whether the power supply is normal; ②Confirm that there is no foreign matter in the furnace; ③Confirm that the smoke exhaust system is working normally.
  2. Start and stop sequence: Turn on the power when starting the oven machine, select the baking temperature and time, and preheat. After reaching the preheating temperature, open the cake oven door and push the grill into the oven, close the rotaty rack oven door, select the baking time, and press the start button. The oven starts to work. When the machine is off, remove the grill and turn off the system. After entering the hibernation state, turn off the total power.

Technical Parameter

Model GG116G GG132G
Voltage 380V 380V
Power 3.1KW 3.1KW
Thermal Power >7.5KW >7.5KW
Temperature Range 0-300℃ 0-300℃
Number of Plates 16 Pieces 32 Pieces
Dimensions 1660*2560*2450MM 1660*2560*2450MM
Trolley Frame Size 1750*500*800MM 1750*500*800MM
Total Weight 2000KG 2000KG
Combustion Medium Gas Gas


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