Automatic Cake Production Line for Medium Large Business


The automatic cake production line is a highly automated and efficient industrial equipment. It is specially designed for medium and large scale food factories to produce various types of cakes.

This line integrates the entire production process from raw material screening and mixing, batter beating, grouting and filling, cake baking and shaping, cooling, sterilization to final packaging.

Fully Automatic Cake Production Line

Features of Automatic Cake Processing Line

  • The use of food-grade stainless steel materials ensures the corrosion resistance and hygiene of the cake production line, while ensuring food safety and hygiene standards. All food contact parts comply with food safety regulations, are non-toxic and harmless, and are easy to clean and maintain.
  • Precision structural design: The machine has a compact structure and reasonable layout, which optimizes space utilization, reduces the floor area, and is easy to operate and maintain. The key components of the production line adopt precision processing technology to ensure the stability and durability of the cake line.
  • Combination design: Each production link can be operated independently, making it easy to adjust and upgrade according to production needs. It also facilitates quick replacement of molds and accessories to adapt to the production of cakes of different shapes and sizes.
  • Intelligent temperature control system: The equipment can accurately control the temperature during the baking process to ensure the quality of cake baking. The temperature control system has an automatic adjustment function and can be adjusted in real time according to production conditions to ensure the uniformity and stability of the baking process.


Automatic Cake Production Line for Medium Large Business

Advantages of Automatic Cake Production Line

  • With more than ten years of cake equipment manufacturing experience, our products have rich success stories in making mold cakes, cut cakes, Swiss rolls, and other cake products.
  • The quality of our machine is comparable to that of first-tier brands, but at only two-thirds the price, ensuring excellent value for money.
  • Our production line realizes the complete process automation from automatic oil spraying, grouting, core injection, baking, and demoulding to automatic conveying, sterilization, and packaging.
  • We have rich experience in supporting production line and providing various types of automatic and semi-automatic cake processing line. We can customise the most appropriate cake solution to suit your specific needs and circumstances.
  • The degree of automation is very high, integrating multiple technologies such as light, electricity, gas, and machinery to achieve efficient automation of the process.
  • This processing line adopts a high-precision temperature control system, equipped with a digital temperature display, and realizes automatic temperature control with upper and lower limit outputs, ensuring temperature stability and combustion adequacy, while achieving high standards of energy conservation, environmental protection, and pollution-free.


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