Electric Cake Demoulding Machine|Muffin Demoulder

There are different types of demoulding machine, which can be recommended according to different products.


Introduction of Cake Demoulding Machine

It is a kind of equipment for cake demoulding specially developed for large-scale baked food production enterprises. It is divided into two types: mobile type and crawler type. The demoulding speed is fast, and it is an indispensable equipment in the production line.

Demoulding Machine for Cakes

Purpose of Commercial Cake Demoulder Machine

Its job is to put the baked cake pan on the conveyor chain and enter the demoulding area. The demoulding machine takes off the whole cake at one time, and then the cake is conveyed to the UV conveyor belt for the next process.

Characteristics of Muffin Demoulder Machine

1. This demoulding machine is beautiful in appearance, neat and hygienic, equipped with advanced PLC programmable control system.
2. The cake demoulder adopts the combination of electricity and gas phase, which has good stability, reduces the links of human contact with food, saves manpower, reduces costs, and ensures food quality.
3. The machine consists of two parts: the mold forming system and the pallet chain conveying system, which are respectively driven by speed regulating motors, and the production speed can be adjusted.
4. The tray chain of the commercial demoulding machine is driven by a speed regulating motor, and the distance between the cakes on the flat plate can be determined according to the production needs.

Process of Demoulding Machine For Cakes

The Difference Between Muffin Demoulder Machine

Needle grab type demoluding machine: suitable for muffin cakes and other types of cup cakes.
Vacuum suction type demoulding machine: suitable for sponge cakes and cheesecakes and cakes of various shapes with regular surfaces.

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