Fully Automatic Cupcake Production Line Adjustable Size

  • Capacity: 4807pcs/h(cake weight 78g/pc) / 1718pcs/h(cake weight 32g/pc)
  • Temperature: 185℃—210℃
  • Heating type: gas/electrical

The fully automatic cupcake production line has the characteristics of large capacity, convenient operation and stable operation. This line can produce cupcakes in different sizes, and the size can be adjusted according to demand.

The entire cupcake processing process: ingredients (sift flour, beat eggs) → stirring → filling into the mold → bake in the oven → out of the oven → demoulding (baking tray cleaning) (spraying oil) → cup cake cooling → filling stirring → filling → UV sterilization → Packaging.

Cupcake Production Process

Application of Cupcake Production Line

The cup cake production line developed by industrial food machinery manufacturers is applicable to industries: Hotels, production workshops, food and beverage processing plants, farms, restaurants, retail, food stores, etc. The whole processing line can process cupcakes of the same size in large quantities. By changing some equipment and forming equipment, it can also make sliced cakes, sponge cakes, chiffon cakes, egg yolk pies, muffin and other bakery products.


Advantages of Fully Automatic Cupcake Production Line

  • Low consumption and high output: This production line has high degree of automation, stable operation and large baking capacity. Various energy-saving measures are taken to minimize energy consumption in the production process.
  • Standardized production: set up automatic production, convenient operation, accurate quantification, and uniform size of cupcake products.
  • Excellent taste: According to the dynamic design of the pastry process, the density, taste, elasticity and other indicators of the cupcake products are ensured, so that the quality of the cupcake products is better than manual production on a unified basis.
  • Diversified products: the cupcake production line can produce not only cupcakes, but also egg yolk pie cakes, sliced cakes, and cakes of different shapes according to the shape of the mold baking pan.


Video of Manufacturing Cup Cakes

Cake is a diverse and classic product that delights consumers, and its variety makes it a good choice to adapt to changing tastes. We follow consumer trends in the cake industry and assist you throughout the production process.

The overall production materials of the cupcake line meet the food safety requirements, and the electronic components adopt well-known brands at home and abroad. Through the arrangement and combination of intelligent modular design, various kinds of cakes can be produced.


Technical Parameter

4807pcs/h(cake weight 78g/pc)
1718pcs/h(cake weight 32g/pc)
Size of baking plate
24pc cake/plate(cake weight 78g/pc)
48pc cake/plate(cake weight 32g)
Baking time
12 minutes
Baking temperature
Heating type


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