Vertical Bread Cake Cooling Machine Price in China

①Reduce the floor space;
②It can cool a variety of baked and fried products;
③Large cooling output.


The vertical bread cooling machine is suitable for the cooling of bread, cakes and other products. The whole machine moves vertically upwards, saving space.


1. The cooling system covers a small area, so the height of the machine can customize flexibly according to the height of the factory. And according to the cooling time and system capacity, can configure the number of machines.
2. The cake cooling machine adopts stainless steel as the main frame, with compact and beautiful appearance, PLC control system, and induction detection.
3. The system has a comprehensive protection function to prevent overload, baking plate walking not in place, plate deformation and blockage, so that the system runs smoothly and reliably, without jamming.
4. The vertical bread cooling machine is used for the cooling of food on a tray, and can form multiple cooling towers to increase the cooling time.
5. The cooler can be placed in a special room, and through the control of temperature and humidity, it can play the role of a proofing room, a freezer.

Function of Cake Cooling Machine

For automatic cooling of various large batches of baked goods and fried foods such as bread, cakes, moon cakes, shortbread, etc. The cooling speed is fast, the space is saved, and it can be used together with the tunnel furnace to meet the production needs of large food factories.

Application Products

Cooling Machine For Bread

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