Automatic Wafer Cone Machine Price with 5000 pcs/h


The automatic wafer cone machine is an advanced equipment used in ice cream factories and food factories, mainly for the wafer cones manufacturing. It can produces high-quality cones efficiently and hygienically through an automated process.

The machine adopts sophisticated mechanical design and intelligent control technology to achieve fully automated production from raw material input to finished wafer cones. It usually includes multiple links such as raw material mixing, batter mixing, baking and forming, cooling, and finished product collection.

Automatic Wafer Cone Making Machine

Features of Automatic Wafer Cone Machine

  1. With one click to start, the machine automatically completes the entire process from raw materials to finished products, with fast production speed and high output without manual intervention.
  2. PLC system, intuitive control panel, one-click operation, no complicated settings required, even novices can get started quickly.
  3. The cone machine can adjust the amount of grouting and change the mold to produce cones of different sizes and thicknesses to meet different tastes and needs.
  4. The wafer cone processing process is a fully enclosed production environment with an automatic cleaning system to ensure food hygiene and safety.
  5. The cone making machine adopts an efficient energy management system to reduce energy consumption and save production costs.
  6. This machine uses high quality durable materials and precision process design ensures long-term stable operation of the machine and reduces maintenance costs.


Video of  Wafer Cone Making Machine


Advantages of Industrial Wafer Cone Making Machine

  • Continuous operation capability: The equipment can be used for long-term continuous operation, reducing downtime and improving overall production efficiency.
  • Easy maintenance: Modular design makes component replacement and daily maintenance simple and fast, reducing maintenance difficulty and cost.
  • High flexibility: able to quickly adapt to different production needs, such as holiday promotions or special orders, and quickly adjust production plans.
  • Quality consistency: By precisely controlling the automatic wafer cone machine’s production parameters, we ensure that the quality of each cone reaches high standards and improve product consistency.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Although the initial investment is relatively high, in the long run, automation reduces labor costs, improves production efficiency, and has good cost-effectiveness.


Product Parameters:

Model Voltage Force Ability Gas consumption(kg/h) Size Weight
GG-DCL33-5 380v 50hz three phase 4kW 5000-6000 pieces/h 24-26 9*2*2.1m 9.5T
GG-DCL36-5 4kW 7000-8000 pieces/h 24-26 10*2*2.5m 10T
GG-DCL40-5 4kW 8000-9000 pieces/h 24-26 13*2*2.5m 10T


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