Electric Wafer Cone Maker Machine For Sale


The wafer cone maker machine is a device designed for the ice cream cone industry to produce high-quality wafer cones. This machine is favored by customers for its easy operation and high-quality product quality.

The use of electric heating technology ensures the uniformity and efficiency of the baking process, thereby producing wafer cones with golden color and crispy taste. The machine for sale to more than 30 countries in the world.

Wafer Cone Making Machine For Sale

Features of Wafer Cone Maker Machine

  • Automated operation: From raw material feeding to cone forming, the whole process is automated to ensure the consistency of the products produced.
  • Versatility: Diversified, the formula can be adjusted according to different needs to produce wafer cones of various flavors and shapes.
  • Easy to clean and maintain: The machine has a reasonable structure, which is convenient for daily cleaning and regular maintenance, and prolongs the service life of the equipment.
  • Friendly operation interface: Equipped with an intuitive touch screen operation interface, it simplifies the setting process and facilitates operators to quickly master it.
  • Sanitation and Reliability: Crafted with food-grade materials and designed for ease of cleaning, the machine minimizes the risk of contamination, upholding stringent food safety protocols.
  • Longevity and Low Maintenance: Constructed from robust materials and employing meticulous manufacturing processes, the machine promises enduring performance with minimal upkeep, thereby curtailing long-term maintenance expenses.

How to Make Wafer Cones with A Machine

Operation Process of Ice Cream Wafer Cone Machine

  1. Raw material preparation: Prepare the required raw materials according to the formula, including flour, sugar, oil, etc.
  2. Equipment setting: Set production parameters such as temperature, time, output, etc. through the touch screen.
  3. Start production: Start the machine, import the mixed raw materials, automatically inject the slurry, bake and shape, and demold the wafer cone.
  4. Quality inspection: During and after the production process, conduct product quality inspection to ensure that it meets the standards.
  5. Cleaning and maintenance: After the production is completed, clean and maintain the equipment according to the operating manual.

Wafer Cone Machine For Ice Cream Industry

Advantages of Wafer Cone Maker Machine

  1. Production speed: The high-speed design can meet the needs of large-scale production, with a production capacity ranging from 1200 to 4500 per hour.
  2. Cost-effectiveness: The machine with automated design, it reduces labor costs while improving material utilization.
  3. Customized Service: We provide personalized machine settings to meet customers’ unique specifications for wafer cones to ensure consistent products.
  4. Continuous Technical Support: Provide continuous technical support and regular software updates to ensure that the cone machine always maintains optimal performance and the latest technical standards.
  5. Overseas Offices: Our Gelgoog company has established overseas offices in Indonesia and Saudi Arabia to address customer needs at close range and provide technical support and services.


Product Parameters:

Drive Motor 15KW, 380V, 50 Hz 24KW, 380V, 50 Hz 48KW, 380V, 50 Hz
Heating Method Electric Electric Electric
Capacity 1200-2600 pcs/h 1500-2800 pcs/h 2500-4500 pcs/h
Dimension 2400*1500*2050mm 2400*2700*2600mm 4800*2700*2600mm
Total Weight 1300kg 1800kg 4300kg
Baking Cones/Time 40 pieces 60 pieces 120 pieces
Baking Time 1 min 1 min 1 min


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