3000-7500 PCS/H Ice Cream Cone Production Line Durable


Ice Cream Cone Production Line Introduction

Ice cream cones are one of the favorite treats of people of all ages around the world. Whether it’s a classic sugar cone or a waffle cone with a unique flavor, these crispy cones pair perfectly with ice cream.

To meet the growing market demand for ice cream cones, ice cream cone production lines have become the preferred solution for current food manufacturers. This advanced machine streamlines the production process and ensures consistent quality and taste with every ice cream cone produced.

Ice Cream Cone Production Line Supplier

Features of Automatic Ice Cream Cone Processing Line

  • Wide production capacity: This production line can produce 1,500-7,500 pieces of ice cream cones per hour, and detailed output can be customized according to customer needs. This ensures you can meet the needs of the market.
  • Customization Options: The cone production line allows for easy customization of cone size, shape, and design. This flexibility enables manufacturers to produce a variety of cones to cater to different consumer preferences.
  • Automatic Mixing and Baking: The ice cream cone production line includes an automated mixing and baking system that precisely combines ingredients and bakes the cones to perfection. This ensures consistent quality and eliminates human error.
  • Temperature Control: The system features precise temperature control mechanisms to maintain the ideal baking conditions for each type of ice cream cone. This ensures uniform color and crispness.

Cone Production Line

  • Low maintenance costs: The ice cream cone production line is easy to maintain, and the material of the machine and baking pan are all made of high-quality food-grade materials. Sturdy and durable, lasts a long time.
  • Quality Assurance: A built-in quality control system monitors the cones throughout the production process, identifying and rejecting any defective products. This ensures that only top-quality cones make it to the packaging stage.
  • Hygienic Design: The whole ice cream cone processing equipment is constructed with food-grade stainless steel and features a sanitary design, making it easy to clean and maintain in compliance with food safety standards.
  • User-Friendly Interface: An intuitive control panel allows operators to monitor and adjust production parameters easily. It also provides real-time production statistics for efficiency tracking.

Ice Cream Cone Processing Line

Operating Instructions

Operating the automatic ice cream cone line is a straightforward process, designed to be user-friendly for operators. Here are the basic operating instructions:

  1. Setup: Ensure the production line is properly installed and connected to the required utilities such as electricity and water.
  2. Ingredient Loading: Load the ingredients for cone batter into the designated hoppers, following the recipe guidelines for each cone type.
  3. Machine Start: Power on the production line and set the desired cone specifications through the control panel.
  4. Mixing and Baking: The system will automatically mix the batter and initiate the baking process. Monitor the temperature and baking time on the control panel.
  5. Quality Control: Keep an eye on the quality control system, which will identify and reject any cones that do not meet the specified standards.
  6. Packaging: Once the cones are baked and approved, they will be conveyed to the packaging station, where they can be manually or automatically packed.
  7. Cleaning and Maintenance: After production, follow the provided maintenance and cleaning procedures to ensure the equipment’s longevity and hygiene.


Video of Ice Cream Cone Production Line


Product Parameters:

Model Baking plate size(mm) Voltage Power Capacity Cone length Size Weight
GG-DCL35×2-18 300×320 380v 50hz 3phase 3kw 1500-2500pcs/h ≦125mm 6*0.8*1.85m 6T
GG-DCL37×2-18 300×320 3kw 3500-4000pcs/h ≦125mm 7*0.8*1.85m 6T
GG-DCL45×2-18 300×320 3kw 4000-4500pcs/h ≦125mm 8*0.8*1.85m 6T
GG-DCL55×2-18 300×320 3kw 4500-5500pcs/h ≦125mm 9*0.8*1.85m 7T
GG-DCL65×2-20 300×320 3kw 6000-6500pcs/h ≦125mm 11*0.8*1.85m 7T
GG-DCL75×2-22 300×320 3kw 6500-7500pcs/h ≦125mm 11*1.9*1.85m 8T


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