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The automatic layer cake production line is a product of our company, which is very durable and safe for production. It is mainly designed to improve the production efficiency and quality of layer cake in factories.

The production line includes automatic mixing, automatic molding, automatic baking, and automatic packaging processes, which can achieve one-stop production from raw materials to finished products.

Layer Cake Processing Line For Sale

Product Features

  • High efficiency: Full automatic layer cake production line can greatly improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs.
  • Stable quality: The processing line adopts advanced automation technology, which can ensure the consistent quality and taste of each layer cake.
  • Versatility: The production line can produce layer cakes of various flavors and shapes to meet different consumer demands.
  • Energy saving and environmental protection: The line adopts an energy-saving design to reduce energy consumption and waste generation, which is in line with the concept of green production.
  • Cleaning and hygiene: automated production lines are usually equipped with strict cleaning and sterilization procedures to ensure hygienic conditions during the production process and to reduce the risk of food contamination.
  • Safety: The machine is designed with operational safety in mind, ensuring the safety of operators and minimizing the occurrence of production accidents.


Video of Layer Cake Production Line

Product Advantages

  • Professional design: The full automatic layer cake production line is designed by a professional R&D team, combining years of production experience and advanced technology.
  • Advanced technology: The machine adopts advanced automatic technology to ensure the stability and reliability of the production process.
  • Customized Service: We provide customized service and customized layer cake line solutions according to customers’ needs.
  • Full support: We provide full technical support, including installation, commissioning, operation training, etc., to ensure that customers can produce smoothly.
  • Versatility: some production lines are designed to be flexible, allowing the line to be quickly adapted to suit different products or different production volumes.

Production Line for Layer Cakes

Layer Cake Line Application Scene

  • Chain cake shop: An automatic line can greatly improve the production efficiency of the cake shop and reduce the labor cost.
  • Bakery factory: The layer cake processing line can meet the demand of mass production and improve the production efficiency and competitiveness of the factory.
  • Catering enterprises: The equipment can be used in various catering establishments, such as hotels and restaurants, to provide fresh and delicious layer cakes.
  • Supermarkets: The production line can produce layer cakes of various flavors and shapes to meet the diversified demands of supermarket customers.

As an automatic layer cake production line supplier, our company not only produces this cake, but also cupcakes, birthday cakes, sponge cakes, etc. We have relevant solutions and equipment support. If you are interested in this line, please contact us. Email: lisa@machinehall.com, whatsapp/wechat: +8615515571373.


Technical Parameter

4807pcs/h(cake weight 78g/pc)
1718pcs/h(cake weight 32g/pc)
Size of baking plate
24pc cake/plate(cake weight 78g/pc)
48pc cake/plate(cake weight 32g)
Baking time
12 minutes
Baking temperature
Heating type

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