Automatic Tart Making Machine Sold to New Zealand

In February 2022, one set of automatic tart making machine was used in a New Zealand bakery processing factory. The egg tart production line we built for the company automates the process from ingredients to packaging.

Automatic Tart Machine in Factory

The New Zealand company is a family-owned business that has operated pastry and bakery businesses for many years and owns several bakeries. Due to the popularity of egg tarts in people’s daily life and the low competitiveness of their products, the company’s business volume has continued to increase.

Client’s Business Status:

Although the company has egg tart processing equipment, the daily output still cannot meet the needs of several bakeries. In order to increase the production scale and save labor costs, the company decided to upgrade the production line.

Why Choose Our Tart Machine

① The egg tart machine is easy to operate and has a high degree of automation. It can automatically press, discharge, demold and so on.
②Change different molds to form egg tart shells of different styles and sizes.
③Large output, can produce 1500-1800 egg tarts per hour, and the size is adjustable.
④The egg tart equipment has excellent performance, is sturdy and durable, and is easy to clean and maintain.
⑤Professional team to provide satisfactory solutions, test machine, maintenance and other services.

In addition, in the communication with customers, our company’s account manager explained a series of problems (such as DDP cost, equipment size, finished product size, DDP delivery time, etc.) in detail for New Zealand customers.

Our company will continue to upgrade the core technology of baking processing equipment, rationally optimize the service process, enhance the brand value, and become a trusted brand in the food industry.

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