How to Operate Egg Tart Machine

After After buying the egg tart machine, the first question that people face is how to operate it. The following are the machine operation steps we provide to our customers.

Operation of Egg Tart Forming Machine

  1. Connect the power supply, connect the air intake pipe, wait for the machine to ventilate, then plug in the power plug and turn on the power (emergency stop) button.
  2. Adjust the operation mode: first go to the manual screen to debug the machine, check the egg tart skin products, and then turn on the automatic switch.
  3. Put the aluminum cup and filling into the lower mold hole, press the start button, the egg tart machine starts to work.
  4. Set the temperature required for the upper mold. According to different finished products, the temperature of Portuguese egg tarts and Cantonese egg tarts are different.
  5. The egg tart shells are automatically pressed, demolded, formed and conveyed.

How to Check the Machine

  1. The surface of the pressed egg tart skin is rough or the egg tart skin is cracked.
    Reason: The set temperature is too low or the egg tart crust is too hard.
    Measures: Adjust the temperature to a higher temperature without affecting the quality or wait for the egg tart skin to soften before pressing.
  2. The pressed egg tart skin sticks to the top mold and does not fall off.
    Reasons: ① the temperature is too high; ② the demoulding pressure is not large enough.
    Method: Lower the temperature or increase the demoulding pressure.
  3. The top mold cannot be pressed down to the correct position.
    Reasons: ① the die core of the top die is stuck; ② the solenoid valve is insensitive; ③ the control board PLC is faulty.
    Method: ① First disassemble and clean the top mold, then install it, press the mold spring with your hand, and it can move, and the mold is no problem; ② Change a solenoid valve; ③ If there is a problem with the PLC, report it to the manufacturer for maintenance.
  4. The top mold has no temperature.
    Reason: ①The heating ring is broken ②The temperature control meter is broken
    Method: First, check whether the two power lines of the heating coil have output power. If there is, the heating coil is broken; if not, the temperature control is broken.

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