Hot Air Rotary Oven Manufacturer

As a hot air rotary oven manufacturer, our factory has developed 32-tray and 64-tray ovens according to the user’s output. This product sells well.

Rotary ovens are very popular in the bakery industry due to their versatility, small footprint, and it has an affordable price.

Hot Air Rotary Oven

What Advantages of Baking Oven

① Wide range of baking: it is suitable for all kinds of baked products, such as bread, cakes, toast, moon cakes, biscuits, egg tarts, cookies, as well as Western-style pastries, Chinese-style pastries and so on.
② Large output: conventional models include 32 molds and 64 molds. In addition, we can also customize according to the needs of manufacturers.
③ There are many heating methods: the main heating methods of the hot air rotary oven are electric heating, gas heating, diesel heating and so on.
④ Easy to clean and maintain: The whole oven machine is made of high-quality materials, which is clean and hygienic and easy to clean.

Rotary Oven Manufacturer

Notes on Using the Rotary Oven

  1. When using the oven, pay attention to some maintenance details, and usually pay attention to the cleaning of the equipment.
  2. When the equipment is not working or after the work is completed, be sure to turn off the main switch.
  3. According to the different temperature of the product, there are several gears. Different temperatures turn on different heating units; thus achieving the effect of saving electricity.

Why Choose the Rotary Oven Manufacturer

  1. Our company is a professional manufacturer of automatic rotary oven, the main products are rotary ovens, tunnel oven and so on.
  2. There are strict standards in the design and manufacture of equipment, only to provide customers with a better experience.
  3. The oven equipment is safe to use and has an alarm device to prevent accidents.
  4. The company also has a dedicated after-sales department, and the perfect service and after-sales system.
  5. Provide equipment installation, commissioning and other services to help customers quickly put into production.

If you are looking for a manufacturer, please contact the contact details below.
Whatsapp/Wechat/Mobile: +8615515571373
Skype: jacobyaogelgoog

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