What is Bread Manufacturing Process in Factory

Bread Manufacturing Process

Preparation of Raw and Auxiliary Materials → Mixing of Dough → Fermentation → Shaping → Proofing of Dough → Molding → Baking → Cooling → Sterilization → Packaging.

Bread is a nutritious food with a soft and sweet taste, which is loved by both adults and children. Now let’s introduce what is the bread production process.

Bread Production Line

Prepare Raw Materials

First, sieve the flour once to remove impurities, make it loose and fine particles, and enter a certain amount of air. It is conducive to the formation of dough and the growth and reproduction of yeast, and promotes the fermentation and maturity of the dough.

Mixing Flour into Dough

Mix all the ingredients thoroughly, melt together to form a dough with good elasticity and extensibility.

Dough Fermentation

During the fermentation process, the dough expands in volume. Good extensibility makes the bread loose and porous, soft like a sponge, and the bread has an attractive flavor.

Baking Breads

The bread embryo is sent to the oven, and after a certain period of baking, the bread with loose structure, easy to digest and special aroma can be produced. Both temperature and time can be controlled. According to the bread output requirements, tunnel ovens and hot air rotary ovens can be selected.

Bread Baking Machine

Bread Cooling

Freshly baked bread is hot, and if it is packaged or sliced immediately, it will inevitably break, break or deform. Therefore, the bread needs to be cooled after it comes out of the oven.

Bread Sterilization and Packaging

In order to maintain the taste of the bread and prolong the shelf life, it need to sterilize, and then put into small bags and sealed for storage.

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