How to Open a Bakery Factory

Do you know how to open a bakery factory? What problems do we need to pay attention to during this period, the following is a detailed guide to opening a store.

Bakery Factory
  1. Find the Suitable Place

①The usable area of ​​the store is about 200㎡, of which the operation area needs about 100㎡;
② Research on geographical location (such as: traffic analysis, analysis of surrounding business conditions, etc.);
③Person flow and surrounding population (mobile, fixed);
④Type of business district (residential area, commercial street, shopping center, cultural and educational area, etc.);
⑤Competitive environment (attributes and distribution of peers);
⑥ Demographic characteristics (age level, purchasing power, eating habits, etc.).

  1. Estimated Revenue and eExpenses

①Turnover estimate: daily traffic/estimated store entry rate/average transaction volume;
②Rent ratio: average monthly rent/estimated revenue ratio <20%;
③ Estimation of investment costs: decoration costs, equipment investment (oven, dough mixer, etc.), rent, etc.;
④Business model: a. Whether there are special products b. Several types of bread, cakes, pastries, drinks, etc.

Bread Bakery Factory
  1. Apply for a License

①Apply to the industrial and commercial department to determine the brand name;
Application materials:
② Application for pre-approval of individual industrial and commercial household name;
③ The identity certificate of the operator;
④ If the operator entrusts an agent to handle it, the power of attorney and the identity certificate of the agent shall also be provided.

  1. Personnel recruitment and training.
  2. Design the menu.
  3. Determine the equipment and draw the store layout plan.
  4. ask the design company to design construction drawings (water and electricity drawings, construction detail drawings, etc.)
  5. Eight, please decoration company decoration store.
  6. Order equipment and tools required by the store.
  7. Purchase the raw materials needed to make the product.
  8. Before opening, the master will try to make the product.

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