3 inch Tartlet Shell Machine|Automatic Tart Machine

For commercial use, the production capacity is 1500-1800 pieces per hour;

High degree of automation, saving labor.


The tartlet shell machine in our factory has different models, this machine replaces manual production and can produce egg tartlet shells in large quantities.

The company’s newly developed automatic tart machine has a larger production capacity than the old equipment, and the mold has a heating function.

Egg Tartlet Shell Machine

Features of Tart Maker Machine

  1.  2-3 seconds rapid prototyping, automatic rotation and pressing.
  2.  The egg tarts are uniform in size and can be shaped at one time.
  3.  This tartlet shell machine is made of stainless steel materials, easy to clean after use.
  4.  This machine is sturdy and durable, easy to clean and maintain.
  5.  It can customize molds, egg tarts are various.

Video of Tartlet Press Machine

Technical Parameter

Model GGA303-1
Capacity 1500-1800PCS/H
Voltage 220V,50hz
Diameter of Tart 40-90mm
Size 840*800*1300mm
Weight 130kg

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