Industrial Egg Tart Making Machine for Large Capacity

The machine can be used to make different kinds of egg tarts, such as Portuguese egg tarts, Cantonese egg tarts, coconut egg tarts and more.


The company produced egg tart making machine is suitable for industrial use, with a production capacity of 1,800 pieces per hour. Can produce egg tarts in small and large sizes.

Process of Egg Tart

Mixing – Dough Filling – Cup Dropping – Pressing – Forming – Conveying – Injecting Egg Liquid – Egg Tart Arranging – Baking

Egg Tart Making Machine


The egg tarts made by the egg tart maker machine are very popular at home and abroad, and this machine widely used in industrial use such as cake houses, coffee shops, bakeries, western food stores, schools, kindergartens, hotels, fast food restaurants, and snack food factories.

How to Make Egg Tarts

Please watch the video below, using this equipment can efficiently produce large batches of egg tarts. And can be produce different sizes.

Features of Industrial Egg Tart Machine

1. Continuous production, from mixing to forming and baking at one time, is relatively automated.
2. This machine imitates the process of making egg tarts by hand, without affecting the taste and quality of the product.
3. Egg tart making machine can produce Taiwanese egg tarts, Portuguese egg tarts, Cantonese egg tarts, and similar products.
4. It saves a lot of labor and is suitable for large-scale production of large and medium-sized enterprises.

Egg Tart Machine Manufacturer

Our company mainly produces bakery food machinery, a modern enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. The company relies on continuous innovation, and the products have high technical content and superior performance.

The equipment sells well in more than ten provinces at home and abroad, and is exported to Europe, America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa and other countries and regions, and is highly praised by customers at home and abroad.

Product Parameters

Model GGA303-1
Capacity 1500-1800PCS/H
Voltage 220V,50hz
Diameter of Tart 40-90mm
Size 840*800*1300mm
Weight 130kg

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