Mini Chocolate Cone Production Line with PLC Control


The chocolate cone production line is a piece of equipment specially designed to produce this snack. It simplifies the production process and can produce mini chocolate cones efficiently.

In recent years, mini chocolate cone snacks have entered the market, giving people a different taste. The demand for this innovative and high-quality chocolate product continues to grow, and manufacturers are constantly looking to improve their production processes.

The mini chocolate cone production line is a sophisticated and compact system designed to streamline the production of chocolate mini cones. This innovative machinery combines precision engineering with advanced automation, making it a game-changer in the confectionery industry.

Mini Cone Production Line

Key Components and Features

  • Mini Cone Processing Line: Automated production, from grouting to sheet baking, rolling and cone forming are all integrated. The size can be adjusted, whether it is a mini cone or a regular cone.
  • Chocolate melting pot: Melt chocolate into high-quality liquid chocolate and maintain it at a constant temperature.
  • Filling Machine: When the mini cones move to the filling station, here, a precise amount of filling, such as liquid chocolate, vanilla ice cream, chopped nuts, chopped Oreos, is injected into each mini cone. The mini chocolate cone production line allows for flexibility in the types and flavors of fillings to meet market demands.
  • Cooling Tunnel: After the chocolate filling, the mini cones pass through a cooling tunnel. This step is crucial for setting the chocolate quickly, preventing any drips or unevenness. The controlled cooling process maintains the structural integrity of the cones.
  • Packaging Unit: Finally, these mini chocolate cones fall into the bags, it is convenient for you to sell products and at the same time keep the products hygienic.

Mini Chccolate Processing Line

Benefits of the Mini Cone Production Line

  1. Increased Efficiency: By automating the production process, manufacturers can significantly increase production rates while maintaining consistent quality.
  2. Cost-Effective: Reduce labor costs, minimize product waste, and energy-efficient design make the mini chocolate cone production line to a cost-effective solution for chocolate cone production.
  3. Product Customization: Manufacturers can easily adapt the production line to create various mini cone flavors and designs, allowing for greater flexibility and market responsiveness.
  4. Quality Control: The automation and precision of the machinery ensure that each mini chocolate cone meets strict quality standards, resulting in a consistently delicious product.
  5. Hygiene and Safety: The mini cone machine is designed with food safety and hygiene standards in mind, minimizing the risk of contamination and ensuring product safety.


Video of Chocolate Cone Production Line


Market Impact
The automatic chocolate cone production line has already made a significant impact on the confectionery industry. Manufacturers have reported increased production capacity, improved product quality, and enhanced market competitiveness. As a result, more chocolate cone varieties are available to consumers, further satisfying their cravings for sweet indulgence.


Product Parameters:

Model Baking plate size(mm) Voltage Power Capacity Cone length Size Weight
GG-DCL35×2-18 300×320 380v 50hz 3phase 3kw 1500-2500pcs/h ≦125mm 6*0.8*1.85m 6T
GG-DCL37×2-18 300×320 3kw 3500-4000pcs/h ≦125mm 7*0.8*1.85m 6T
GG-DCL45×2-18 300×320 3kw 4000-4500pcs/h ≦125mm 8*0.8*1.85m 6T
GG-DCL55×2-18 300×320 3kw 4500-5500pcs/h ≦125mm 9*0.8*1.85m 7T
GG-DCL65×2-20 300×320 3kw 6000-6500pcs/h ≦125mm 11*0.8*1.85m 7T
GG-DCL75×2-22 300×320 3kw 6500-7500pcs/h ≦125mm 11*1.9*1.85m 8T


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