Muffin Cake Production Line to Philippines

After three months, the muffin cake production line under the patient and professional guidance of the company’s engineers was officially put into operation in the Philippines.

Muffin Cake Line

The Philippines customer has a built factory locally and intends to invest in two sets of cake processing lines to start the cake business. After many investigations, they finally decided to cooperate with our company.

Customers praise the company’s muffin cake production lines and services. The specific manifestations are as follows:

  1. The machining process is highly automated. No labor is required from filling, oven, oil spraying, demoulding to packaging.
  2. The company provides different muffin cake solutions according to the Philippine customer’s factory area and finished product needs.
  3. The cake depositor machine has the characteristics of high filling precision and high accuracy, and can fill thick batter and mixtures in various arrangements.
  4. Cake processing equipment has produced different types and output production lines in combination with market demand.
  5. The price is suitable, we have made production line solutions at different price points for customers. Customers have a choice range.

Choose Us

Starting from communicating with Philippine customers, the company has established a solution team to solve various problems for customers.

Combined with the actual needs of customers, we provide customers with detailed technological process, plant layout and other solutions, which have won the trust of customers. The customer decisively decided to hand over the automatic muffin cake production line to our company.

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