How to Spray Oil for Cake with a Sprayer

An oil sprayer is a type of equipment commonly used to spray baked products with oil to ensure better mold release. Here we will show how to spray oil for cake.

Oil Spraying Machine For Cakes

Look at the picture above, it’s a cake sprayer. The whole machine is mainly composed of control cabinet, oil nozzle, rack and so on. The steps for spraying oil on the cake are as follows.

  1. Baking tray and molds are transported to the designated place for precise positioning.
  2. Adjust the height, angle, spacing and injection times of the injectors.
  3. Select the appropriate mold release oil, the oil tank has the function of heating and heat preservation.
  4. Spray oil, the release oil is broken up into tiny oil droplets by the nozzle, which are evenly distributed in the mold.
Cake Oil Sprayer Machine

How a Sprayer Machine Works

The edible oil passes through the oil pump, the valve adjusts the pressure, and passes through the aperture of the high-pressure nozzle to produce a fine and uniform oil mist.

The oil is not easy to be blocked, and the size of the fuel injection can be adjusted by the valve. The fuel injector has a device for recovering oil mist, and the remaining scattered oil mist is recovered into the machine for recycling.

Advantages of Spray Oil for Cake Machine

  1. The machine has beautiful appearance, neat and hygienic appearance.
  2. Step-by-step supply of baking tray molds, automatic oil injection is more user-friendly, improving efficiency and reducing costs.
  3. High efficiency, the machine can accurately spray multiple or multiple rows of mold cavities in the baking pan at the same time.
  4. Almost no oil mist is produced, which can greatly save mold release oil and will not cause environmental pollution.
  5. The cake oil sprayer machine has good production stability and reliable quality.

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