Maintenance and Repair of Bakery Equipment

Scientifically formulate maintenance and repair bakery equipment plans and organize their implementation, which can ensure the normal and safe operation of baking machinery, and can produce baked goods that consumers love.

Bakery Equipment

Wear Parts of Bakery Equipment

During the use of baking equipment, due to friction, vibration and fatigue, the relative moving parts and components are worn, and this tangible wear is called use wear.

Use wear is generally manifested as: changes in the size and geometry of equipment components, and changes in the nature of tolerance and fit between equipment components. It will lead to the decline of work accuracy and performance, and even damage to parts, causing damage to other related parts and causing accidents.

The main factors affecting the development degree of wear and tear are: the quality of the equipment, the degree of load, the technical level of the operator, the working environment, the quality and cycle of maintenance and repair, etc.

Why do Equipment Repair and Maintenance

During the service life of baking equipment, due to the action of natural forces or due to poor storage, rust, aging, decay, and even the loss of working accuracy and working ability are called natural wear and tear. This wear and tear occurs whether the machine is in use or idle. However, due to the easy loss of normal maintenance when the machinery is idle, the natural wear and tear of the equipment in idle is more obvious and easier to be ignored than in use.

Three Stages of Equipment Wear

① The first stage is the initial wear stage, which refers to the wear state in the early failure period, and the wear speed is fast. Poor installation, operator unfamiliar with new equipment, etc. As the rough surface is smoothed, the failed parts are replaced, and the installation is adjusted by running-in, the operator is gradually familiar with the equipment, and the wear rate of the equipment gradually decreases.

②The second stage is the normal wear stage, the wear speed is slow, and the equipment is in the best technical state. Attention should be paid to maintenance, correct operation techniques and operating procedures should be adopted, spot checks should be strengthened to prevent accidental failure and deterioration, and the use time of this stage should be extended as much as possible.

③The third stage is the stage of severe wear. When the wear degree of the main components has reached the limit of normal use, the wear and tear will rise sharply, resulting in a significant decrease in equipment accuracy, technical performance and production efficiency, and a sharp rise in failure rate. In the use of machinery, the normal use limit should be found in time, preventive repairs should be carried out in time, and worn parts should be replaced to prevent failures.

Only by attaching great importance to the maintenance of repair of bakery equipment can bakery food enterprises ensure the normal production of food, effectively prolong the service life of baking equipment, and improve the economic benefits of enterprises.

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