How to Make Industrial Swiss Roll Cakes with Machine

Swiss roll is a special cake, its processing process is different from other cakes. Do you know how to make swiss roll cakes? The following details will take you to understand.

Swiss roll production line

Production Process of Swiss Roll

Mixing → Filling → Baking → Cooling → Add Stuffing → Dividing → Rolling → Cutting → Wrapping.

This is the main step for making industrial swiss roll cakes, then we mainly show you to understand how these machines work.

① Cake Filling Machine

The filling roller adopts a special silicone arc-shaped gear, which can reduce the defoaming phenomenon of the cake tissue. At the same time, it is driven by a precision servo motor to improve the weight accuracy of the cake. The cup cake or the whole cake can be switched freely, and diversified products can be produced and developed; both light cake and heavy oil cake can be filled without defoaming and dripping.

② Tunnel oven

It is one of the important equipments for making swiss roll cakes. According to the heat source, it is divided into electric type and gas type tunnel furnace. The length and width can be customized according to customer needs. Through the PLC intelligent control system, the intelligent control of the distribution method is implemented. The length of the oven body is 4 meters – 80 meters, and the width of the inner chamber is 600 mm – 2400 mm.

The food produces relative motion between the conveyor chain plate, steel belt or mesh belt and the heating element or direct-fired combustion rod to complete continuous and uniform baking and conveying. The tunnel furnace is set up to control the upper and lower temperature zones separately to meet the requirements of the food on the surface and bottom heating. The tunnel furnace has the characteristics of continuous production, high efficiency, labor saving, etc., and the processing quality is stable.

③ Machine

The front section of the equipment uses stainless steel chain plates to transport swiss roll cakes, and the rear section uses belts to transport the cakes for cooling. The whole set of equipment is packaged in stainless steel, safe and hygienic, and adopts advanced design concepts and reasonable mechanism design, so that the equipment is easy to operate, stable in work and high in production efficiency during use.

The production line is a new generation of swiss roll production line developed, from mixing and forming, baking, rolling, cutting, wrapping. The machine is fully computer controlled by light, electricity and gas, which makes the operation easy and labor-saving. The baked industrial swiss rolls produced are hygienic and have a long shelf life.

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If you want to invest in this processing line to make industrial swiss roll cakes, please leave a phone call or leave a message, and the company account manager will contact you as soon as possible to provide a suitable solution.

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