How to Order Egg Tart Skin Machine

Do you know how to order an egg tart skin machine, first we need to know what our needs are, and then understand the purchase process.

Steps of How to Order:

Demand confirmation—supplier selection—machine details communication—freight fee, payment method—payment—stocking—transportation—picking up

Egg Tart Skin Machine

Below are Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. The voltage of the equipment: it should be selected according to the actual local conditions. Since the electricity in different regions is different, the voltage is also different. If the voltage purchased is too high, a trip will occur and the device will not function properly.
  2. Replacement of wearing parts: some equipment will have many wearing parts, and the factory will remind customers to buy them so as not to delay the production progress.
  3. Appearance of the equipment: After receiving the goods, check whether the machine is complete, whether there are obvious scratches, and whether it is rusted.
  4. Test machine: Turn on the machine to check whether the egg tart skin machine can operate normally, and then carry out the first feeding.
  5. Plant area: can be selected according to the size of the store. If it is a relatively small store, you can choose only the molding machine. If it is used in a relatively large restaurant, you can buy multiple sets, or you can buy related equipment to achieve automated production.

What are the Characteristics of Egg Tart Machine

  1. The machine adopts imported Mitsubishi PLC control, air pressure forming, and rotary table mechanical structure, which can be pressed continuously.
  2. Stainless steel shell, heating the upper mold, matching with different molds, can form Cantonese egg tarts, Portuguese egg tarts, coconut tarts, etc.
  3. This egg tart skin machine has large output, can make 1500 egg tarts per hour, no damage or deformation.
  4. The machine is the ex-factory price, and the factory is self-produced and sold, which is practical and favorable.

Now you can see this tart machine in chain bakeries, egg tart shops, if you want to start this business or want to change the way you make it by hand. Come and ask us to order an commercal egg tart skin machine.

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