Five Trends in the Development of Baking Industry

Like any other industry, the bakery industry is constantly changing. After all, the tastes of consumers are changeable, and the demand for product innovation is also increasing.

Baking Industry Trends

So, what will be the development and changes of the baking industry in the future?

Industry insiders pointed out that the five major trends in the development of the industry are already obvious. Only by grasping the development trend can we make corresponding plans, so that enterprises can be closer to the market and better meet the needs of consumers, so as to make continuous progress and win the competition.

1. Rejuvenation

①Lively and interesting is the obvious development trend of the baking industry. Today, more and more bakeries have designed mascots for their brands. During festivals or large-scale events, employees are also arranged to wear doll costumes, dress up as mascots, and dance and play games with consumers.
②The decoration of the store is getting more and more simple and bright, full of modern and fashionable feeling.

2. Specialization

①Although product homogeneity is becoming more and more serious, some bakeries insist on creating their own special products and get good returns.
②Almost every bakery sells toast. But if there is a bakery that can make toasts with different flavors, shapes, and ingredients, half of the store will display toasts, and the advertisements will be used to promote the products, so that the toasts will become their own signboards.

3. Dataization

How many products are sold in the bakery in a month? How many total products did customers who bought Shredded Bread buy? On average, how many days do consumers visit the store? These are the most commonly used data in operations, and are also the basis for refined management.

By digitizing the customer consumption situation, we can quickly grasp the customer’s consumption needs and consumption psychology, thereby bringing greater benefits to the enterprise.

Nowadays, more and more excellent bakeries are becoming more and more perfect in terms of data, and can formulate accurate plans step by step to improve performance.

4. Premiumization

Industry insiders have observed that the baking industry is developing towards high-end, and one mid-to-high-end bakery has become a popular object of consumers.

Few low-end bakeries were seen, and consumers were lining up to buy. The stores with long queues are almost all mid-to-high-end bakeries, and a little discount will attract a lot of consumers.

5. Networking

With the rapid development of the Internet, more and more brick-and-mortar stores are transforming into online commerce. Especially in the current epidemic situation, the baking industry has begun to operate online business, and online traffic has increased rapidly.

From brick-and-mortar stores to online sales is a trend, which is also in line with the rhythm of modern life. On the other hand, capturing the fashion trend of young people is also the future development direction of the baking industry.

With the rapid development of the baking industry, more and more manufacturers have turned to machine production to better meet customer needs.

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