Automatic Cake Making Machine Price

The price of each model of automatic cake making machine is different, mainly determined by the output of the machine, voltage and other factors.

Automatic Cake Making Machine

There are also some special requirements, such as changing the voltage and the material of the machine, which require additional customization fees.

Generally, the price range of conventional cake processing equipment ranges from 200,000 to 600,000 US dollars. The price is for reference only, and the quotation is mainly based on the detailed needs of the customer.

Composition of Automatic Cake Making Machine

The production line mainly includes mixer, cake filling machine, oil sparying machine, baking oven, demoulding machine, cooling belt, sterilization line, packaging line and so on.

Cake Filling Machine:

The cake filling machine adopts computer programming, touch screen, compact structure, simple operation, using cylinder as power, and is equipped with photoelectric tracking, automatic quantitative extrusion and accurate quantitative.

Oil Spraying Machine:

It uses imported nozzle and the spray precision is 0.1 g, it’s converter technique, simply operating and working stably. PLC Controlling, easy operating, easy to change work. Touch screen controlling, easy to set parameters.

Cake Baking Oven

There are two types of ovens for baking cakes, one is a tunnel oven and the other is a rotary oven. The former has a large output and has a wide range of applications; the latter is mostly used in chain baking shops and used by multiple units. The main heating methods are electric heating and gas heating.

Cake Packing Machine

It can package all kinds of cakes, biscuits, breads and other foods to extend the shelf life. Touch screen control, packaging speed, packaging length, temperature, etc. are digitally input on the screen.

Cake Packaging Machine Manufacturer

The above equipment is the main equipment of our automatic cake making machine, which can be purchased individually or as a set. Our company has professional engineers to provide you with high-quality solutions and the best price. Please contact the contact details below for a quote.

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