What Equipment is Needed to Open a Small Cake Factory

With the popularity of cakes and the growth of market demand, some entrepreneurs plan to open a small cake factory, so what equipment do they need?

Here we will introduce to you the machines and characteristics that need to be used in the process of opening a small scale cake processing factory.

cake Processing Machinery

1.Cake Mixer Machine

As an important equipment for cake processing, the mixer will choose the corresponding equipment according to the production capacity and automation requirements. Ball mixers are used for small-batch cake production, and inflatable mixing equipment is preferred for large-batch cake production.

2.Cake Filling Machine

With the advancement of mechanical processing equipment, the roller filling machine has rapidly gained popularity, because of its simple structure, it is suitable for various cakes and various shapes. The weight adjustment range of the batter is large, and it is an absolute leading product in the mass production of cakes.

3.Cakes Baking Oven

For industrial use ovens, there are several commonly used layer furnaces, hot air furnaces, hot air converters, cradle furnaces, and tunnel furnaces. Small cake processing factories generally use hot air stoves, hot air converters, etc.

4.Cooling Conveying and Sterilizing Equipment

After the baked cake is cooled, it enters the packaging equipment. In order to ensure that the cake is contaminated with bacteria during the cooling process, the air near the cake is sterilized during cooling. Cake cooling and sterilization equipment is usually placed in a 100,000-level purification room. When the cake purification room is in production, there are ultraviolet germicidal lamps working inside, and personnel are not allowed to enter.

5.Cake Packaging Equipment

Packaging equipment can make the cake have a longer shelf life, and facilitate storage and transportation, while ensuring the quality and food safety of the cake.

The cake production line developed by our company adopts intelligent modular design, and can produce cakes of different varieties and shapes by different arrangements and combinations. The production capacity is 100-1000 kg/hour, and the site can be designed and planned according to different product requirements. The materials of the whole production line meet the food safety requirements, and the electronic components adopt well-known brands at home and abroad, which have the characteristics of high degree of automation, stable operation, large baking volume, good product taste and long shelf life.

If you want to open a small cake factory, or are interested in small cake processing factory equipment, please feel free to call us. My email is lisa@machinehall.com, whatsapp/wechhat/phone is +8615515571373.

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