What are the Requirements for a Bread Production License

The bread production license, also known as QS, is a certificate issued by organizations with a production nature. Here let us understand what are the requirements for the following bread production licenses.

Bread Production Business

Hardware Requirements for Bread Production License

  • Have bread raw material processing, bread processing, packaging, storage and other places suitable for the variety and output of bread produced. Keep the place clean and tidy, and keep a specified distance from toxic, harmful places and other sources of pollution.
  • Possess production equipment or facilities, and have corresponding equipment or facilities for disinfection, changing clothes, washing, lighting, lighting, ventilation, anticorrosion, dust prevention, fly prevention, rodent prevention, insect prevention, washing, wastewater treatment, and storage of garbage and waste .
  • There are full-time or part-time food safety professional and technical personnel, food safety management personnel and rules and regulations to ensure food safety.
  • Have a reasonable equipment layout and process flow to prevent cross-contamination between the bread to be processed and the directly imported bread, raw materials and finished products, and avoid contact with toxic and unclean substances.

Data Requirements for Bread Production License

  • Basic profile of the applicant, company information, application items, and application address (once the food production license is registered, other types of food business licenses cannot be registered, so the address should be filled in carefully).
  • The category of the product being applied for (refer to the latest food and food additive classification catalog, some categories can apply for repackaging, and some cannot apply for repackaging).
  • A list of the main food production facilities and equipment, including the name, specification, model, and quantity of the required equipment.
  • The list of food safety professional technicians and food safety management personnel. Those who need to enter the list include: legal person, sales person in charge, food safety management personnel, equipment person in charge, procurement person in charge, warehouse person in charge, etc.
  • List of food safety management systems: including purchase inspection record management system, production process control management system, delivery inspection record management system, food safety self-inspection management system, employee health management system, unsafe food recall management system, food safety accidents Disposal management system, etc.
  • Layout of production equipment: the layout of equipment and facilities on each floor, reflecting the warehouse, production area, flow of people, and the direction of materials.
  • Production process flow chart: Write out the key process, and you can identify the key control points and control methods.

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