What is the Output of the Cake Production Line

For customers who invest in cake production, the most concerned topic is the output of the cake production line. Usually the output range is 100-1000 kg per hour.

The cake not only has a good flavor, but also has a soft mouthfeel and a beautiful appearance, and is loved by consumers. Manufacturers will choose the output that suits them according to their own needs.

Professional Cake Processing Line

The cake line is composed of paper tray machine, filling machine, tunnel oven, demoulding machine and so on. The whole line is PLC automatic control, zero contact between personnel and products, zero pollution of products, ensuring food safety, ensuring that each cake has the same shape and taste standard, and reliable quality. The production line is made of thick 304 stainless steel, which is more durable. Most of the electrical components are well-known brands, and the production line has passed CE certification.

  1. Cake Filling Machine
    Using PLC program linkage control, only one-time adjustment is required, long-term use of linkage programs, rapid molding, and stable performance.
  2. Tunnel Oven
    The tunnel oven realizes intelligent control through the PLC intelligent control system. The relative movement between the food conveying chain plate, steel belt or mesh belt and the heating element or direct-fired combustion rod completes continuous and uniform baking and conveying. The tunnel furnace is set to control the upper and lower temperature zones separately to meet the food’s requirements for heating the surface and bottom.
  3. Demolding Machine
    There are various specifications of demoulding machines, which can be selected according to different product characteristics. The demoulding is complete without changing the shape of the cake.
  4. Core Injection Machine
    This machine can automatically inject the core for the whole row of cakes. If it senses that a certain cake is not on the production line, the core injection needle will not inject the core to avoid injecting on the conveyor belt. While greatly improving production efficiency, waste of materials and cleaning procedures are avoided.

Output of Cake Production Line

The cake line developed by our company can be divided into semi-automatic and fully automatic industrial cake production lines, which can be customized according to customer product needs, and its production capacity is 100-1000 kg/hour.

The automatic cake production line developed and designed by our company provides a variety of turnkey solutions for cake production, fully automatic cup dropping, oil spraying, molding, baking, core injection, and demoulding, ensuring the least manual input and reducing labor costs. If you plan to invest in a cake production line, please feel free to contact us.

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