Food Grade Oil Spraying Machine for Bakery Industry


The automatic oil spraying machine is one of the main auxiliary equipment for cake production, and it is mainly used to spray an appropriate amount of oil on the baking tray or forming mold.

The whole equipment is made of food grade material, which is clean and hygienic. The fuel injection volume can be adjusted according to the needs of customers.

Oil Spraying Machine for Bakery

Features of Oil Sarayer Machine

  1. The mold release oil is broken up into tiny oil droplets by the nozzle and evenly distributed in the mold. Because there is no oil mist, the amount of release oil can be greatly saved, and it will not cause environmental pollution.
  2. The amount of oil is adjustable, the angle of injection is adjustable, the height of the nozzle is adjustable, the number of injections is adjustable, and the distance between injection nozzles is adjustable, which is suitable for the production process requirements of various varieties and specifications.
  3. The oil spraying machine has the function of heating and heat preservation, and the oil level of the oil tank of the demoulding oil is automatically controlled.


Technical Parameter

Model GGP3040 GGP3072 GGP3100
Voltage 380V/220V  50Hz 380V/220V  50Hz 380V/220V  50Hz
Power 1.5Kw 1.5Kw 1.5KW
Air consumption 0.011m³/H 0.015m³/H 0.018m³/H
Size 1560*1160*1750 1560*1380*1750 1560*1500*1750
Weight 125Kg 132Kg 155Kg


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