Automatic Chinese Mooncake Production Line Manufacturer

This production line can produce moon cakes of different patterns, which is very automatic and efficient.

The mooncake production line is a special machine used to make Chinese snack–mooncakes, which is completed automatically from raw materials to finished product packaging.

The composition of the equipment: moon cake stuffing filling machine, forming machine, arranging machine, baking oven, demoulding machine, metal detector, mooncake packaging line and so on.

Process of the Automatic Mooncake Machine

1. Wrapping: There are two hoppers on the machine, which put dough and stuffing respectively.
2. Mooncake is formed into a ball: the dough is wrapped with the filling to form a cylinder, which is cut into uniform-sized balls under the operation of the machine to open and close.
3. Pressing and molding: The automatic mooncake forming machine is equipped with infrared rays, which are automatically sensed. When the moon cake dumplings pass directly below, the pressing mold will fall down immediately to press and shape.

Mooncake Machine Manufacturer
4. Arranging for baking: The formed moon cakes are placed in the buffer tower along with the assembly line, and then sent to the oven for baking.
5. Automatic and continuous baking: According to different processes of mooncakes, the baking temperature and time are different.
6. Automatically enter the cooling tower for cooling, then and then facilitate the subsequent packaging.
7. Packaging: High-efficiency packaging, packaging and cutting are carried out by an assembly line packaging mechanism.

Video of Moon Cake Production Line

Features of Chinese Mooncake Making Machine

1. The control system is a touch screen PLC man-machine interface, with formula storage and memory function, no need to repeat weight measurement, and easy to operate.
2. The machine is sturdy and durable, and the main electrical control components are all brand-name products to ensure long-term normal operation.
3. The automatic mooncake production line is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is hygienic, clean and durable.
4. It is suitable for producing all kinds of ordinary and delicate moon cakes, especially those with hard (Wu Ren) or soft fillings.
5. With automatic fault diagnosis, the fault is displayed on the touch screen, which is clear at a glance.
6. According to the user’s needs, the number of placed, the diameter of the moon cakes, etc. can be freely modified, and the moon cakes can be automatically placed in the baking plate.

As a mooncake machinery manufacturer, our factory provides production lines of various specifications and also supports customization. All products comply with food hygiene standards.


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