0-300℃ Bakpia(Hopia) Oven Price in Indonesia

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The bakpia oven is made of high-quality stainless steel, so produced the bakpia(hopia) products are more clean and hygienic. Widely used in Indonesia, Philippines and other countries.

Structure of Industrial Baking Oven

● The bakpia oven adopts a fixed structure or a detachable structure, and the whole machine adopts stainless steel plate.
● The thickness of the door panel and the inner liner of the baking chamber is 1.0mm stainless steel.
● This baking oven with movable grill (optional detachable) for easy transportation.
● The bottom bearing is used to rotate, and the forced hot air is heated by forced air circulation, which shortens the heating time and saves energy.
● The automatic hopia oven adopts hot air circulation and trolley rotation to heat evenly.

Applicable Products

This bakpia baking oven machine can be used to bake bread (toast bread, French bread, hamburger), cakes, hopia, bakpia, moon cakes, biscuits, and meat products, such as roast duck, roast chicken, roast beef, etc. on request).

Features of Hopia Oven

1. It adopts the operation method of entering and exiting the whole vehicle, and bakes 32 trays each time, which is easy to operate and saves time and effort.
2. Freely control the temperature, time and rotation system of the whole machine, which is easy to operate.
3. The oven adopts stainless steel electric heating tube, which pays attention to the economical use of users while paying attention to the quality of use.
4. The thermal insulation layer is made of high-density fine cotton material with good thermal insulation properties. Has a tight seal to reduce heat loss.
5. The bakpia oven can generate steam according to the process requirements, which is suitable for the baker’s food quality requirements.
6. The baking uniformity of the oven: strong wind convection, good penetration, more uniform baked Hopia, bakpia and other products.
7. Using high-temperature lighting bulbs, users can observe the baking process of food through the double-layer oven door glass.

Video of Automatic Bakpia Oven

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Technical Parameter

Model GG116G GG132G
Voltage 380V 380V
Power 3.1KW 3.1KW
Thermal Power >7.5KW >7.5KW
Temperature Range 0-300℃ 0-300℃
Number of Plates 16 Pieces 32 Pieces
Dimensions 1660*2560*2450MM 1660*2560*2450MM
Trolley Frame Size 1750*500*800MM 1750*500*800MM
Total Weight 2000KG 2000KG
Combustion Medium Gas Gas

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