Industrial Biscuit Crushing Machine with Stainless Steel


Biscuit crushing machine is a device designed for commercial environments. With its excellent performance and innovative technology, it makes the production of biscuit and baking processing industries more efficient and easy.

In the field of food processing, efficiency and quality are the key to corporate competitiveness. This equipment is suitable for crushing different types of biscuits, such as hard biscuits, soft biscuits, etc. Cut into different sizes according to needs.

Biscuit Crushing Machine Price

Features of Biscuit Crushing Machine

  • Equipped with a high-power motor, it ensures that even hard biscuits can be easily chopped to meet the needs of high-intensity commercial production.
  • The precision cutting system can be adjusted to suit different biscuit sizes, ensuring uniform particle size of biscuits after chopping to meet the specific requirements of various baked products.
  • It uses durable materials and anti-corrosion coating to ensure that the machine can operate stably for a long time even in humid or dusty industrial environments.
  • Designed with maintenance convenience, all parts that come into contact with ingredients can be quickly disassembled for easy cleaning and replacement.
  • The biscuit crusher machine has models with different capacities, from medium batches to large-scale production, and can provide suitable solutions to meet the needs of enterprises of different sizes.
  • Advanced noise reduction technology reduces the noise during industrial biscuit crushing machine operation and creates a more comfortable working environment.

How to Crush Biscuits


Application Areas

  • Baking decoration: Biscuit crumbs are often used for surface decoration of baked foods such as cakes, cookies, tart crusts, etc. to increase taste and appearance.
  • Ice cream and desserts: As an ingredient in ice cream or desserts, biscuit crumbs can add rich layers and a crispy taste to desserts.
  • Milkshakes and drinks: Adding biscuit crumbs to milkshakes or other drinks can provide a unique taste and flavor.
  • Energy bars and snacks: In energy bars or healthy snacks, biscuit crumbs can provide additional energy and fiber.
  • Food industry: In the food industry, biscuit crumbs can be used as raw materials to make a variety of pre-made foods and ready-to-eat products.
  • Catering industry: In the catering industry, biscuit crumbs can be used as ingredients or decorations to enhance the visual effect and taste of dishes.

Machine for Crushing Biscuits

Advantages of Biscuit Crusher Machine

  • Commercial-grade durability: Made of high-strength materials, it ensures stable operation of the machine in a high-intensity working environment and reduces maintenance costs.
  • High-efficiency processing: Equipped with a powerful motor and a precise cutting system, the biscuit crushing machine can quickly and evenly chop nuts to meet the needs of large-scale production.
  • Versatile adaptability: In addition to biscuits, the machine can also handle a variety of ingredients, such as nuts, chocolate, etc., to support a diverse product line.
  • Easy operation: The intuitive control panel and automated process design simplify the operation steps, reduce manual intervention, and improve production efficiency.
  • Clean and hygienic: The stainless steel material meets food hygiene standards and is easy to clean and disinfect to ensure the hygiene of the production process.
  • Customization options: Customization services are provided according to the special needs of customers, including special cutting shapes or sizes, as well as personalized selection of machine colors and logos.


Product Parameters:

Main motor power 5.9kw
Capacity 500kg/h
Product particle size 2mm/4mm/6mm
Dimensions 960*1750*2200mm
Weight 750kg


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