Automatic Vacuum Cake Depanning Machine in Bakery

Automated production saves manpower, reduces contact with food, and ensures hygienic production.


The automatic cake depanning machine automatically removes the baked cakes from the baking tray or mold. According to the different requirements of food and baking pan, the depanning machine can be customized into vacuum suction type, needle grab type, turnover type, and shovel type.

Bakery Depanning Machine

Characteristics of Cake Depanner Machine

1. Vacuum suction type depanning machine is commonly used in the de-panning the food with a relatively flat and hard surface.
2. The vacuum degree is provided by the fan, which has the advantages of flexibility and high de-panning rate.
3. The noise of the whole bakery depanning equipment is large due to the noise of the fan.
4. Vacuum suction type depanner machine adopts continuous or reciprocating de-panning methods.
5. Equipped with advanced PLC programmable control system, the combination of electricity and gas phase is adopted, and the stability is good.
6. Cake and bread depanner reduces the links that the middleman contacts with food, saves manpower, reduces costs, and ensures the quality of food products.
7. This machine is made of stainless steel, with beautiful appearance, easy to clean and not easy to rust.

Cake Depanner Machine

Working Principle

The cake depanning machine is one of the main equipment in the production of cake. Its job is to put the baked cake molds on the conveyor chain and enter the de-panning area. The depanning machine can take off the whole plate of cakes at one time, and then the cakes are transported to the UV conveyor line for the next process.

The fully automatic vacuum suction type depanner machine produced by our company uses a high-pressure pump to extract vacuum, the suction nozzle sucks the product through negative pressure, and then the cylinder drives the suction nozzle to rise to achieve depanning.

Video of Industrial Cakes Depanning Machine

Advantages of Automatic Cake Depanner

1. No labor is required in the operation process, which greatly improves the yield and work efficiency of bread, and is necessary for the automatic production of bakery products such as bread.
2. The depanning machine is automatically controlled by a microcomputer, and some foods have been placed and picked up automatically by the robot.
3. For a variety of products of different sizes, the stripping plate can be replaced correspondingly, with high compatibility.
4. The automatic cake depanning machine is an automatic device that takes the cake out of the baking tray to the cooling belt. It can make 1-4 sets machines according to the production capacity requirements of the production line.

Besides, our factory provides other kinds of de-panning machines for different bakery products, such as needle grab type de-panning machine, turnover type de-panning machine, shovel type depanning machine.

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