How to Make Egg Tart with An Industrial Machine

Making egg tarts with an industrial machine involves several steps: dough mixing, tart shell pressing, filling, baking and so on. Here’s a general guide to help you:

1.Prepare Ingredients:

Examples of dough ingredients:wheat flour, water, oil, salt, etc.
Egg tart liquid ingredients: Egg custard filling, eggs, milk, sugar, vanilla, etc.

Egg Tart Making Machine Process

2.Machine Needed to Make Egg Tarts:

1.Dough Mixing Machine: The machine is used to knead the ingredients into a uniform dough, then roll it into the required thickness, and delivered it to the cutting machine to cut into small pieces.
Tart Shell Press machine

2.Tart Shell Pressing Machine: This machine is designed to shape the pastry dough into tart shells. It usually consists of a mold or press that forms the dough into the desired shape and size of the tart shells.

3.Egg Tart Filling Dispenser: An egg custard filling dispenser is a specialized machine that automatically dispenses the egg custard filling into the tart shells. It ensures consistent filling quantities and minimizes manual labor.

4.Baking Oven: An industrial baking oven with appropriate temperature controls is required to bake the egg tarts. The oven should be large enough to accommodate multiple baking trays simultaneously, ensuring efficient production.

Because different customers have different business scales, available space and budgets, different models of equipment will be recommended. As an industrial egg tart machine supplier, we can provide more detailed information and help you select the appropriate machines based on your requirements.

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