What are the Basic Types of Cakes on the Market

Today, I will take you to know about cakes and see what types of cakes are available in the market. It is mainly divided according to the materials and production process of the cake.

Cakes Types

According to Raw Materials

Cakes can be divided into two basic types according to the raw materials used: clear cakes (sponge cakes) and oil cakes. Clear cakes (sponge cakes) use eggs, flour, and sugar as the main raw materials; oil cakes use more fat (especially cream) and chemical loosening agents in addition to eggs, sugar, and flour.

Stirring Method, Batter Properties and Swelling Route

According to different raw materials, mixing methods, batter properties and swelling methods, cakes can be divided into three types: oil bottom cake (batter cake), milk foam cake, and chiffon cake.

  • The main raw materials of oil-bottomed cakes (batter cakes) are sugar, oil, and small flour; the main way of expansion is that the oil is combined with the air mixed in during the stirring process, so that the cake expands in the furnace.
  • The main raw materials of milk foam cakes are eggs, sugar, flour, and a small amount of liquid oil. The expansion method is that the eggs are fused with air during the beating process, and then steam pressure is generated in the furnace to make the cake volume expand. According to the amount of eggs used, it can be divided into sponges (using whole eggs) and protein (using egg whites).
  • Chiffon cakes are made by mixing the above two types of cakes. That is, egg whites, sugar and acidic materials are sent according to milk foam, and other dry materials, liquid materials and egg yolks are stirred according to batter method, and finally the two are mixed together to print, such as chiffon egg rolls, strawberry chiffon cakes, etc.
Machine for Making Types of Cakes

On the basis of advanced equipment in Europe, our company has developed a fully automatic cake production line based on the domestic cake production situation. The fully automatic cake production line integrates electricity, light, gas, and machine. It has the advantages of high automation, large output, less labor, less manual contact with products, and long shelf life. It is favored by the majority of food manufacturers.

If you want to invest in cake production, our company can provide customized cake processing solutions and full-process professional services according to your processing needs.

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