What is Soft Biscuit Production Line for Biscuit Industry?

Do you know what is soft biscuit production line? It is an efficient and automated biscuit production equipment. The production line consists of multiple units, each of which has different functions.

The main units include: raw material handling system, mixer, rolling cutter, oven, cooler, packaging machine, etc. Next, we will introduce the role of these units and their role in the manufacture of soft biscuits in detail.

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First is the raw material handling system. This unit is mainly responsible for mixing raw materials such as flour, sugar, and oil in a certain proportion and conveying the mixture to the mixer. The purpose of this unit is to ensure the uniformity and quality stability of the raw materials and provide a reliable raw material basis for subsequent production processes.

Next is the mixer. This unit mixes the raw materials evenly and forms the dough into the required shape. The mixer is usually made of stainless steel and has the characteristics of high efficiency, stability, and reliability to ensure the hygiene and quality of the biscuit production process.

Then comes the roller cutter. This unit flattens the dough, cuts it into the required size and shape, and engraves patterns or text on the surface. The roller cutter usually uses a roller with a mold, and by adjusting the gap and pressure, biscuits of various shapes and sizes can be obtained.

Next is the oven. This unit is the core part of the entire soft biscuit production line, and the biscuits are made into a crispy texture by controlling the temperature and humidity. The oven is usually heated by gas or electricity, and can be flexibly adjusted according to production requirements.

Then comes the cooler. This unit quickly cools the biscuits just out of the oven to prevent them from becoming soft or deformed. The cooler usually uses natural wind or forced air cooling, which can be adjusted according to production needs.

Finally, there is the packaging machine. The machine efficiently segments and packages the completed biscuits into designated quantities using materials like plastic film and paper boxes. It automates the entire wrapping and boxing process in line with production specifications.

The soft biscuit production line stands out in the biscuit industry for its efficiency, stability, and reliability. It substantially boosts production efficiency and product quality while ensuring a more hygienic and secure manufacturing process. For soft biscuit producers, the strategic selection of an appropriate production line is vital, positioning them favorably in the competitive biscuit industry landscape.

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