Stainless Steel Cheese Cracker Making Machine Price


The company has developed a new biscuit solution – cheese cracker making machine. This industrial equipment is designed to increase production capacity and add new flavors to your cheese crackers production.

This production line includes dough mixer, forming machine, baking oven, cooling machine, packaging machine, etc. It has a high degree of automation and can produce cheese biscuits of various specifications, shapes, and flavors.

Cheese Biscuit Processing Flow:

Cheese Cracker Processing Flow


Features of Cheese Cracker Machine

Innovative new products
This machine can not only be used to produce cheese biscuits, but can also be combined with local tastes to produce local specialty biscuits. Experiment with different ingredients, flavors and shapes to innovate crackers based on different groups.

Stainless Steel Durability
Automatic cheese cracker making machine is made of high-quality stainless steel and is durable. Stainless steel not only ensures safe and hygienic production of cheese crackers, but also effectively prevents corrosion and rust. Equipment made of this material is also particularly easy to clean. In addition to this material, there are other food-grade materials available, and these sturdy materials ensure that you can use this device to make cheese crackers for more than a decade to come.

Stainless Steel Cheese Cracker Machine

User-Friendly Design
The design of the cracker making machine fully considers the needs of the user. It has a user-friendly interface and can intuitively operate various parameters. The design simplifies the process of making cheese biscuits and improves production efficiency. If you have special needs, we can also customize it for you.

This machine is a multifunction equipment that can be used for a wide variety of cracker types. From whole wheat to gluten-free, this machine handles different types of dough with ease. It even lets you customize the thickness and shape of your crackers, so whether you prefer crispy squares, delicate rounds, or charming heart-shaped crackers, the choice is yours.

Time-Saving Efficiency
One of the most significant advantages of the stainless steel cheese cracker machine is its time-saving efficiency. No more hours spent rolling and cutting dough by hand – this machine automates the process.


Video of Cheese Cracker Making Machine

Our biscuit machinery company is mainly engaged in the design, manufacturing, sales, installation, commissioning and after-sales service of biscuit production lines. We specialize in providing high-quality equipment and services to various biscuit factories and food processing factory companies to help biscuit companies improve production efficiency, product quality and innovative products.


Advantages of Biscuit Line Manufacturer:

  • The degree of automation continues to increase: The degree of machine continues to increase, which can improve production efficiency and product quality.
  • The equipment is more intelligent: The equipment of the biscuit line is more intelligent and can be controlled and monitored remotely.
  • Environmental protection continues to improve: The environmental protection continues to improve, which can reduce environmental pollution.
  • Cheese cracker making machine has good quality and affordable price.


Product Parameters:

Model Capacity Inner Width of Tunnel Oven Heating Method Dimensions
(without packing machine)
GG-BG400/420 100-250kg/h 400/420mm Electric,Gas L45m*W5m*H2m 380V 50HZ 3PH
GG-BG600 250-400kg/h 600mm Electric,Gas L50m*W5m*H2m 380V 50HZ 3PH
GG-BG800 500-800kg/h 800mm Electric,Gas,Diesel L100m*W5m*H2.5m 380V 50HZ 3PH
GG-BG1000 800-1000kg/h 1000mm Electric,Gas,Diesel L105m*W12m*H3m 380V 50HZ 3PH
GG-BG1200 800-1200kg/h 1200mm Electric,Gas,Diesel L120m*W15m*H3m 380V 50HZ 3PH


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