Biscuit Baking Tunnel Oven with Electric and Gas


The biscuit baking tunnel oven, equipped with electric and gas heating options, is a professional oven for the industrial baking industry. This equipment meets the requirements of modern baking operations, providing versatility and efficiency for biscuit production.

Biscuit Oven for Bakery Industry

Features of Biscuit Tunnel Oven

  1. Versatile Heating Options: The standout feature of this oven is its provision of both electric and gas heating options, allowing for a tailored approach to energy usage. This flexibility empowers businessman to choose the heating method that best suits their operational needs and economic considerations, optimizing both performance and cost-efficiency.
  2. Continuous production: The tunnel oven can be used in conjunction with individual machines upstream and downstream of the biscuit line to achieve continuous production.
  3. Features a continuous conveyor belt that moves biscuits through the baking chamber. This ensures a consistent and even roasting process, suitable for high-volume production.
  4. Energy Efficiency: With optimized heat distribution and insulation, the biscuit baking tunnel oven minimizes energy loss, reducing operational costs.
  5. Hygiene and Safety: The design prioritizes cleanliness and safety, with easy-to-clean surfaces and features that comply with food safety standards.
  6. Customizable Settings: The oven can be tailored to suit various biscuit recipes and sizes, with adjustable speed settings for the conveyor belt and customizable baking zones.

Automatic Biscuit Oven

Working Principle of the Electric Biscuit Oven

  • The operation of the oven is based on a simple yet effective principle. Biscuits are placed onto the conveyor belt at the entry point of the tunnel. As the belt moves, the biscuits are carried through the heated chamber. The temperature inside the biscuit tunnel oven is maintained at a level that ensures even baking and browning of the biscuits.
  • The two heating systems allow for adjustments based on the type of biscuit being produced and the desired baking profile. For instance, electric heating might be preferred for its precise control, while gas heating could be more economical during periods of high gas availability.
  • Throughout the baking process, the biscuits are exposed to a consistent flow of hot air, which circulates within the tunnel. This circulation ensures that all biscuits are heated evenly, regardless of their position on the conveyor belt.


Tunnel Oven for Biscuit Baking Video

Advantages for Biscuit Baking Tunnel Oven

  • Increased Production Capacity: The continuous operation of the tunnel oven allows for a significant increase in production capacity compared to batch ovens.
  • Improved Product Quality: The uniform baking environment results in a consistent product quality, which is essential for maintaining brand reputation.
  • Efficiency in Labor: By automating the baking process, the tunnel oven decreases the labor required, thereby saving on operational costs and increasing efficiency.
  • Strategic Scalability: The biscuit oven’s design allows for easy expansion, providing a forward-thinking solution that aligns with a business’s scaling ambitions and market adaptability.


Product Parameters:

Dimensions(L*W*H) 21000*2280*2180MM
Total Calories 224280Caloric(kcal/h)
Air Consumption(Gas Consumption) 0.9m³/m
Power 2HP
Voltage 380V
Size of Baking Plate 40*60CM


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